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Title[書名]: Programme handbook : Bachelor of Education (Honours)(Secondary)--Information and communication technology, Bachelor of Education(Honours)(Primary)--General studies and mathematics, Bachelor of Education(Honours)(Physical education), Bachelor of Education(Honours)(Secondary) in Mathematics, Bachelor of Education(Honours)(Business, Accounting and Financial Studies), Bachelor of Education(Honours)(Geography), Bachelor of Education(Honours)(Science) (Five-year Full-time)
Other Titles[其他書名]: 中學教育榮譽學士--資訊及通訊科技, 小學教育榮譽學士--常識及數學, 體育教育榮譽學士, 中學數學教育榮譽學士, 企業、會計與財務概論教育榮譽學士, 地理教育榮譽學士, 科學教育榮譽學士 (五年全日制)
Bachelor of Education (Honours)(Five-year Full-time) : Primary (General studies and mathematics), Secondary (Information and communication technology and Mathematics), Business, accounting and financial studies, Geography/physical education/science
教育榮譽學士(五年全日制) : 小學常識、小學數學, 中學資訊及通訊科技、中學數學, 企業、會計與財務概論, 地理/體育/科學
Authors[作者] : Education University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.
Publication/Copyright Date[出版/版權日期]: 2020/25
Call Number[索書號]: LG51.H43 A233 B.Ed.(PRI)/5y(FT).
Format[媒體資料]: SERIAL.
Category[分類] 1. Programme prospectuses & handbooks 課程概覽及手冊

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